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Credit Repair Process                                                                                        EASY AS 1-2-3

Since credit repair can be performed through many different methods, it is important to understand exactly how our credit repair process works. Having spent years perfecting our three-step credit repair process, we are confident that we have put together a program that will show positive results in as little time as possible. Below is a detailed outline of exactly how our credit repair process works in analyzing, challenging and resolving the misstatements and errors that appear on your credit report.



Once you sign up, the process of repairing your credit will commence within five (5) business days. You should expect to receive a welcome contact from our friendly customer service representatives within a couple days. At this point, we will set up a person-to-person, skype-call, or telephone call to set up your accounts and learn your specific goals. Once we have successfully pulled your credit report, we will begin the analysis process. We will look for errors, false information, miscalculations, and so on. There is a good chance that errors will be found on your report, since about 25% of credit reports contain mistakes. We will closely review every aspect of your credit report, from your name to your oldest credit history.



This is when all the action happens. After reviewing your credit report, a Credit Expert will begin to dispute the questionable items on your credit report. We will provide you an online Secure Porthole to monitor our progress on your behalf. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the credit bureaus are obligated to read and respond to every  letter that they receive, so you will receive Response  Correspondence letters typically within 30 days of our dispute. Although we will handle the heavy lifting, you must provide us copies of all Response Correspondence from the bureaus. You may upload them to your Secure Porthole, fax, deliver, or mail them to us. You can also communicate with us through your Secure Porthole. During this time, we will also assist  pursuing your other financial goals!




Within only a couple of months, you will begin seeing results on your credit report due to the effectiveness of our disputing process. Meanwhile, our friendly customer service staff will provide you with constant notifications about which items are being removed, and any changes that are happening to your credit report. Keep in mind that the disputing your errors is not a one-step process; we will send many round of dispute letters, so if you don't see the results you hoped for in the first round, rest assured that you will definitely see them in the second or third. Once the process is complete and your negative items are removed, you can then begin establishing new credit. It is in this step that you can finally begin rebuilding your finances and getting yourself back on track. In resolving the negative items on your credit report, our credit repair experts offer you a financial freedom that would have never been possible before.

Monitor & Respond


Once we have successfully completed our original services, many of our clients desire to maintain and enhance their new found sense of security, success, and financial security. But your credit may continue to suffer from the appearance of forgotten prior obligations, third party errors, or even fraudulent transactions.  For a small monthly cost, your trusted ally CREDIT BOSS can not only monitor your account but notify you of any changes and take action to address such items .... afterall, maintaining and improving your credit score and financial security is a long term decision that will provide you years of Comfort and Security.

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